• Power BI Service Intro

    Power BI Desktop, Power Query, DAX and Power BI Service Intro in 2 Days

    A two-day introduction for business who may have previous experience with Excel and reporting tools, showing you how to master Power BI. The course contains instructor led demonstrations, key concepts and labs. The course covers key aspects of how to import and prepare your data, create powerful calculations to meet your business needs, and then share your models with others either within your business or external. All the latest features in Power BI will be covered along with expert tips on best practices so you can build stunning and functional reports.

    What you will learn:

    • What is Power BI?

    • How to Integrate and Transform Data in Power BI using the Power Query engine.

    • How to create calculations in Power BI DAX.

    • Creating Semantic Models to share with others

    • Visualisation Best Practices

    • Power BI Service Analytics

    • Performance optimisation

Special $1500 per attendee for 2 days ex GST

Power BI Paginated Reports in a Day

The Power BI Paginated Reports in a Day will walk attendees through the technical knowledge required to create, publish, and distribute Power BI Paginated Reports. Unlike Power BI Desktop reports, Paginated Reports are ideal for more Operational reports like Invoices that people might like to print. You will master getting data into the Power BI Paginated Report Builder and how to use your Power BI Desktop Reports as data sources. Key skills in building Paginated Report layouts will show you how to build stunning reports with report headers and footers that wrap multiple pages with more rows of data.

What will you learn:

• Design Paginated Report layouts.

• Connect Paginated Report Builder to data sources to retrieve report data

• Working with parameters.

• Visualising data

• Interactive features

• Publish, consume, deliver, and embed paginated reports with Paginated Report Server and the Power BI Service

Power BI Paginated Reports

Special $1100 per attendee ex GST

Power BI Admin

Power BI Admin in a Day

This one-day course will walk attendees through the Microsoft Power BI administration and the management of a Power BI tenant, including the configuration of tenant settings, usage monitoring, and provisioning of licenses, as well as other organizational resources.

It covers the typical admin tasks and tools, such as the Power BI admin portal and Office 365 admin centre, and how to automate them by using administrative APIs and PowerShell cmdlets. Specific hands-on labs will focus on using Premium capacity in Power BI, safely sharing Power BI assets, and using the Power BI audit log to optimize Power BI usage.

What you will learn:

• Governance

• Tenant Settings

• Microsoft Information Protection

• Security and Auditing

• Deployment and Licensing

• Capacity Performance Optimisation

• Source Control

• Application Lifecycle Management

• Roles

Special $1100 per attendee ex GST

SQL Server Queries in a Day

This one-day course will walk attendees through how to write Microsoft SQL Server Queries and the development of rich queries that you can use to discover data.  Content includes Data Manipulation Language, Data Definition Language and Data Control Language and well as Dynamic Management Views.

Getting a grasp of basic query constructs will develop lifelong skills that you will never forget.  SQL Server forms the basis of Microsoft’s Data Platform.  It allows data discovery using SQL queries on products that include Azure SQL, SQL Server, and SQL Pools.

What we will learn:

• Creating and Insert Data

• Data Manipulation Language

• Data Definition Language

• Data Control Language

• Deployment and Licensing

• Dynamic Management Views

• Grouping and Detail

• Creating Calculations

SQL Server Queries

Special $1100 per attendee ex GST

Synapse Analytics

Synapse Analytics in a Day

This one-day training is designed to empower data architects and BI developers with the technical knowledge required to design an enterprise BI solution that uses Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI. The labs will focus on how to work with Azure Synapse and Power BI, developing and optimizing a Power BI model, creating a model using Direct Query, and Authoring a Power BI report.

What we will learn:

• What is Synapse?

• Synapse Studio

• Deploy a Data Lake

• Writing Queries

• Big Data Architecture

• Analyse Data with SQL Pools

• Be Awesome with Spark

• Data Pipelines

• Creating Calculations

Special $1100 per attendee ex GST

Data Governance with Purview in a Day

•With data being your number one asset, Azure Purview helps organisations create a unified data map of this prized resource.  This one-day training is designed to empower data architects and governance officers with real Purview environments using New York Taxi Data. The training teaches how the Data Map can be automatically populated at a cloud-scale and kept up to date with the scanning of data sources registered with the Purview account. Attendees learn how scans can be configured to also classify data based on metadata and content inspection.

What we will learn:

• What is Purview?

• Data Map

• Classification Rules

• Sensitivity Labels

• Data Dictionary

• Business Glossary

• Lineage

• Security and Roles

• Deployment and Pipelines

• Insights and Management

• Approaching your Purview Pilot

Data Governance with Purview

Special $1100 per attendee ex GST

Data Power