AI Darwin,
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Our team is experienced and diverse,
from a Data Architect to a Power BI expert.

Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence

Who We Are

At AI Darwin we are a leading provider of data engineering and analytics solutions that empowers businesses to leverage the power of data for growth and success. With a team of highly skilled professionals and years of industry experience, we help organisations harness the full potential of their data assets.

We are committed to delivering innovative and customised solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of our clients. We understand that data is a valuable asset and that unlocking its true value requires expertise, strategic thinking, and advanced technologies. That’s why we strive to stay at the forefront of industry trends and leverage the latest tools and methodologies to deliver exceptional results.

To empower organisations with data engineering and analytics solutions for informed decision-making and business success

Our Values

Our values drive us and provide motivation to stand firm in the business. We honour our customers and partners with

Our Story

With over 25 years of experience in the industry as a seasoned data engineer and analytics expert, Peter has dedicated his career to helping organisations unlock actionable insights through the power of data to then leverage those insights into sustainable growth and success.

Peter has honed his skills, expanded his knowledge, and embraced the latest technologies to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving data landscape. His experience includes working with prominent organisations across industries such as healthcare, energy, and finance.

His journey began with a deep curiosity into the untapped hidden potential of data while recognising the transformative impact that data-driven insights would have on businesses, enabling them to make informed decisions to drive strategic outcomes.

AI Darwin is the culmination of that vision. We believe in a tailored approach. Peter’s dedication to understanding each client’s specific goals and needs ensures that our solutions are precisely aligned with those requirements.

Our commitment to client success is evident in the long-lasting partnerships we have formed over the years. We take pride in working closely with clients, collaborating with  teams, and providing ongoing support even after the successful implementation of data solutions.

Our Team & Expertise

Peter O’Gorman

25 years of Data Engineering with experience working with Microsoft’s Go-Fast and Fast Track teams on the latest innovations in Azure Synapse, Azure Purview, and Industry Data Models (Data Templates).

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Tar Taryn

Professional Senior Business Analyst with over 12 years of experience across AI and Automation domains, specializing in system implementation projects that drive efficiency ROI. Proficient in managing complexity including AI and RPA integration with ERP systems involving multi-intelligence and data analysis.

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Liam McCallum

Creative business analyst with specialist skills in Odoo and Zoho One implementation, with strong business process modeling techniques and customer engagement.

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Kelvin Leung

Highly motivated and detail-oriented Data Engineer and Analyst with a strong track record of delivering the back-end pipelines that drive insights that feather business growth.

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Mia Xie

With a keen eye for engaging visual design and a Japanese major, Mia brings her design experience from working with TikTok to create Power BI dashboards that pop.

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Elaheh Salehi

Hands-on leading AI Analyst, with 7 years of business experience and data exposure for technologies including generative AI, facial recognition, traffic monitoring, customer retention, profile and behavior, telemetry from computer vision and workforce.

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Jay Villania

Power BI support specialist proficient in admin and monitoring of Azure Synapse, Power BI, and Power Automate Pipelines.  An I.T. graduate from Makati Philippines with hands-on skills in support and problem-solving.

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